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Dr Melanie Farr, Weight Loss Doctor

Working with you to finally close the door on obesity

I am a weight loss doctor on the Sunshine Coast, who works to find a solution that suits you. Together, using evidence-based treatment options, we will work to create the healthier, more vibrant life you deserve.

dr melanie farr weight loss doctor

The right solution for you is out there. Let’s find it.

Have you been trying to lose weight for some time? Is a typical diet and exercise routine just not working, no matter how hard you try? It’s not your fault. Obesity experts recognise this is a complex and chronic, relapsing disease. One which often has a significant genetic predisposition. It can be difficult to lose weight through sheer willpower alone, despite what you may believe or have been told.

There are options to lose weight safely and successfully. As a specialist weight loss doctor for the Sunshine Coast, I provide scientifically supported medical solutions to help you overcome obesity. I work with you in a down to earth, caring and collaborative way to help you lose weight and keep it off. It takes support, which is tailored to you as an individual, for your unique body, lifestyle, and mindset.

Your needs at the centre of my treatment plan

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Weight maintenance

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Obesity-related disease management

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Working with you to reach your goals

If you are on the Sunshine Coast, or elsewhere in South East Queensland, maybe I can help you?