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Medical Weight Loss Services

Personalised medical weight loss services to help free you from the excess weight holding you back from a healthy life.




You are an individual, with a range of circumstances that have led you to seek help. I take the time to understand what makes your situation unique. From there, I determine what will be the best approach for you going forward from the range of medical weight loss services available.



My weight loss programs begin with a comprehensive consultation which includes a thorough medical assessment. This is so that I can get the best understanding of you, your body and lifestyle. It also helps to uncover any underlying reasons for your excess weight.

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The initial consultation will include biometric assessment, blood screening, lifestyle patterns and mental health assessment. From there we can determine your health targets and create a reliable treatment plan at a level to suit your personal circumstances.

Services and treatments available to you

My services include exploring different treatment options, addressing your ongoing health education, as well as working with other clinicians and allied health professionals.

Weight loss

● obesity
● post-menopausal weight gain
● post-injury weight
● weight after childbirth
● bariatric surgery weight regain 

Get medical help for weight loss at a range of sizes and stages. You may be experiencing temporary weight gain following childbirth, menopause, injury, or a health condition. Or perhaps you have been overweight or obese all your life? Either way, this is a safe space to discuss your needs and goals.

Together, we can find and implement a proven solution tailored specifically to your individual needs.

Weight loss medication

Prescribed weight loss medication may be appropriate to support a weight loss attempt in some situations. This isn’t about taking a magic pill, but more about working in conjunction with sustained diet and lifestyle changes to create better results. Some of the medications commonly used in Australia include:

● Duromine™
● Saxenda™
● Contrave™
● Orlistat™

A medication plan is individualised. Finding the right medication, or combination of medications for you, in conjunction with your doctor, is key. As well as having a safe plan to ensure you use your medication the right way.

LCHF diet implementation

There is a growing body of scientific evidence to support a Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat (LCHF) diet for weight loss.

In practice, I have also seen the benefits of this diet for obese patients who want to lose weight. I can work with you one-on-one or with your dietitian to support you while on the LCHF diet.

Bariatric care

I work with a Bariatric Surgical Practice to provide pre-operative assessments and post-operative care as part of their comprehensive service.

In addition, if you are a local patient who is not able to follow up with your own bariatric surgeon, I can offer you post-operative support.

Obesity-related disease management

Various medical conditions may exist alongside obesity, some of which can be promoting weight gain. This might include:

● Sleep Apnoea
● Type 2 Diabetes
● Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
● Infertility

If you are not currently being treated for any obesity-related diseases, I can help you to rule out these conditions as part of your obesity treatment plan. Should we find that a specific condition is leading to weight gain, we can look to manage these issues together. This may include prescribing any necessary medication.

Where early onset of disease might be indicated, treatment for obesity can help to reduce your risk.

In some cases, effective treatment for obesity leading to significant weight loss can produce remission of the disease.

Maintaining weight

You’ve lost the weight, so now how do you keep it off? By implementing a proven long-term weight management plan, you can give yourself every chance.

Weight maintenance involves health education, diet and lifestyle changes, as well as ongoing health monitoring. By checking in regularly, we can maintain your health and decrease your chances of weight regain. 

Eating disorders

For patients who have a past or current history of eating disorders, I offer you a supportive environment to discuss your relationship to food and body image.

It is important to me that you have a safe and judgement-free space in which you can open up about your experience and how disordered eating may be impacting you. If necessary, I can provide guidance towards like-minded psychologists or specialist dietitians who can work with you through these complicated issues.

What are the consultation costs?

Medical weight loss services and treatment costs are quite affordable. My consultations will usually attract a Medicare rebate. The gap charge varies depending on consultation length and complexity, but is similar to what you may spend at your regular GP.

Your partner in weight loss

Make time to have a confidential chat with me about how I can help you.